“I think I’ve died & gone to heaven” -after eating my 1st vegan poutine!

How funny that I start a food blog & my 1st post is on a vegan meal that I never even cooked! I had every intention of making dinner last night & writing my 1st blog post on it! For real, I bought parsnips at WholeFoods today so that I could make parsnip fries for dinner! Maybe today or tomorrow…?!

Karim & I made a trip out to Steveston today because I wanted to walk along the Dyke (something I’ve always wanted to do since living in Vancouver) and Karim wanted to check out Mini Outpost Doughnut Co. (Karim loves doughnuts). Well i’m happy to report that Karim got his doughnuts but we never made the it to the Dyke. After walking around Steveston; we decided to leave the walk along the Dyke for another trip!

1st stop Mini Outpost Doughnut Co. – I didn’t try the doughnuts because they aren’t vegan & gluten free. Karim tried all of the available flavours & approved of them! I must say- CUTEST doughnut shop ever! I loved it & I didn’t even try the doughnuts!


I’m sorry for teasing all of you vegan & gluten free eaters with doughnuts that don’t fit into the vegan or GF category but this doughnut shop was just to cute to not mention or take a picture of 😉

On the way home while driving down Main Street, I remembered that The Wallflower just happens to be on Main St.- & guess what? It’s a restaurant I’ve always wanted to try after seeing a picture of their vegan poutine! It doesn’t take much to convince Karim that we should try a new restaurant out! I love trying new restaurants… especially when they have a good selection of vegan options! & better yet- vegan AND gluten free options! now that makes for a happy tummy!

First of all, The Wallflower is a super cute modern diner! It is not a vegan restaurant but it is most defiantly vegan friendly & gluten free friendly! It caters to all diets! How great is that! And yes it is true- vegan poutine! I was so excited to try the vegan poutine; I am from Canada- obviously I love poutine!


Of course, I took a picture of vegan poutine! Who wouldn’t?… Karim wouldn’t, that’s who! He was actually embarrassed when the flash of my camera went off in the dim restaurant. Looks like I may be eating out on my own a lot more now?! I can’t be the only person that takes pictures of exciting food? I guess Karim just doesn’t get excited about food like I do; he is able to eat whatever he wants (lucky guy)! I have diet restrictions so I get super excited about food- especially when I find a good vegan restaurant. I’m so happy to report that the vegan poutine was amazing! I’m not just saying this because for the past 2 years I haven’t been able to have poutine; it was actually tasty & delicious! Karim also agreed & he isn’t even vegan!

I decided to go all out last night & treat myself to a veggie burger with a gluten free bun & side salad. I usually don’t order food that I can make at home (I make veggie burgers, but who am I kidding… as if, I make gluten free buns). I also usually don’t have such a huge appetite; but I am  still in holiday mode. Lucky for me, I am Ukrainian and Ukrainian Christmas is on Monday!


I am happy to report & so is my tummy, that the burger was also delicious and it was probably one of the best gluten free buns I’ve had! Lucky for me, I was wearing stretchy pants at dinner because I had to finish every last bite!

I have my favourite vegan restaurants in Vancouver but I have a feeling The Wallflower is making that list. I can hardly wait to go back & order something off of the brunch menu!

I was so full that dessert for me was Candy Cane Green Tea from Trader Joe’s. Like I said… still on holidays! If you know me, you know that I am not a big dessert person but a tea addict!


Photography: I am not a photographer (or a professional photo-taker anyways) and I do not have a fancy camera (I am a poor university student & spend all of my money on food). I am a photographer in the sense, that I love taking pictures and use my Iphone camera!

Thanks for stoping by & for putting up with my photography skills. It is on my wish list to own a nice camera one day! And don’t forget to check out The Wallflower for yourself!



Paige xo.