Ice Dreams- This weekends dessert!

Eat your dessert! Especially when it tastes delicious!

Dessert last night was Mint Cacoa Chip Ice Dream! Inspired by my favourite Ice Cream as a kid; mint chocolate chip! Only the Cacoa Chip version is vegan & healthy… a dream come true really!

Mint Cacoa Chip Soft Serve

Mint Cacoa Chip Soft Serve

Serves 1 happy tummy (makes 1 cup)

You’ll need:

2 frozen bananas

Handful of mint leaves. I used 1/2 cup – 3/4 of a cup. (I love mint) You can start with a few leaves and add more when you get to the mint flavour that you love!

1 tablespoon of Cacoa powder

1 tablespoon of Cacoa nibs

1/2 a tablespoon almond milk (optional). *If you do not have a high power blender you may have to add a few dashes of almond milk here & there to help with the blending process. Start with a dash & add if you need too; you don’t want to add to much and have a runny ice cream.

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2-1 teaspoon peppermint extract/oil

Place all ingredients in blender & blend! I have a Blendtec and there is an ice cream option which works wonderful! I use to make this in my Magic Bullet, just add a little almond milk here & there! Top with cacoa nibs & enjoy every single bite!


– Add vegan chocolate chips

– A pinch of salt really brings out the flavours

– Peppermint extract/oil & vanilla is not mandatory. By simply adding banana, cacao & mint leaves you will still create an amazing mint cacoa ice dream!

– Add a handful of spinach! You can’t taste the spinach & it adds a nice green colour!

– A dash of stevia if you’d like it sweeter!

– Add a piece of Giddy Yoyo mint chocolate. Or your favourite chocolate!

TIP: when freezing bananas: peel, chop into smaller pieces & place in freezer safe bag. Seems easy enough BUT after telling a friend that you can make “ice cream” out of bananas, he reported back to me that he just put a punch of bananas in the freezer and it didn’t work out so well.

Dessert tonight was Peanut Butter Vanilla Soft Serve. (Another Ice Dream)

Peanut Butter Vanilla Soft Serve

Peanut Butter Vanilla Soft Serve

Feeds 1 tummy:

2 frozen bananas (cut into chunks)

1 tablespoon of peanut butter or nut butter of choice

1 teaspoon of vanilla

Place all ingredients in blender & blend until you have a soft serve ice cream texture!

Health Hint: Peanut butter & bananas are an excellent post-workout snack!

What is your favourite kind of ice cream? Can you create a healthier version ice dream?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Don’t forget to treat yourself to some dessert!


Paige xo.