For the love of POPCORN!

Happy Friday! Here is a healthy snack option if you are planning on spending your friday night cuddled up watching a movie!

Healthy snack option: Air-popped Popcorn.

YES, it is true; popcorn can be a healthy snacking option!

ImageI absolutely LOVE popcorn! It is one of my all time favourite snacks!

How to make popcorn healthy:

1. Use an air-popper to pop organic kernels.


2. Cook on the stove in a pot using a healthy oil. *Extra Virgin Coconut oil is my favourite.

Once popped season to your desire. Here are a few healthy options:

My favourite is spraying vinegar on my popcorn and sprinkling on nutritional yeast, pepper grinds, & cinnamon. I know it sounds like a really crazy combo, but it is my favourite. Vinegar helps the seasonings stick to the popcorn.

-Spray vinegar & a dash of Himalayan salt or black pepper or both.

– Drizzle tahini over your popcorn.

For a kick: tahini pairs well with a spicy spice (cayenne pepper or chilli powder) and nutritional yeast sprinkled on-top.

For sweet: drizzle almond butter (or your nut butter of choice) with cinnamon.

-If you air-popped your popcorn, drizzle coconut oil with your spice of choice. I’ve tried many seasonings (& have enjoyed): curry spices, cinnamon, nutritional yeast, black pepper, garlic, dill.

For sweet: try a dash of maple syrup with cinnamon/allspice/nutmeg OR melt your favourite HEALTHY chocolate (Giddy Yoyo for me) and drizzle on-top of your popcorn!

 Get creative popcorn lovers:)

 Health Tips:

-Popcorn is healthy when not covered in butter, sodium and sugar.

-Not only is popcorn 31 calories per cup; it is also full of fibre which helps aid in digestion and makes you feel full longer.

-To get seasonings to stick to your popcorn, try filling a spray bottle with a healthy oil or a vinegar and finely spray on popcorn. Here are some healthy options:  vinegar, apple-cider vinegar, Vega oil, coconut, sesame, sunflower, olive or grapeseed oil.

– Water also works in a spray bottle.

 Please share your favourite popcorn toppings!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Paige xo.


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