Melon Goodness

Good morning!

Breakfast today was a melon goodness! One of my favourite green smoothies!



– 1/2 of a small honeydew melon

– 1/2 of a cantaloupe melon

– 2 handfuls of spinach

*Spinach is a superfood! Add it to your smoothie for the added nutrients it provides. You won’t even know it is in your smoothie because of its neutral taste.

– a handful of mint leaves

– 1/4 of water (adjust this depending on if your blender needs more water or not)

– 5-6 ice cubes.

– A dash of cinnamon

– A dash of ginger

*Cinnamon & ginger are optional. I added them to warm my insides up on this cold Vancouver day. Cinnamon & ginger work well together; even better, they help to balance your blood sugar.

– 1/2 tablespoon of Spirulina (optional).

* I’m a wellness enthusiast so I add spirulina to my smoothies for the superfood benefits it provides. Spirulina offers an array of benefits and helps my happy tummy with digestion.

– 1 tablespoon of Vega Sport Pre-workout Lemon flavour. (optional)

* I love Vegan Sport Pre-workout. It is energizing & wakes me up in the morning! Perfect for my 1st day back at school. The lemon flavour mixes well with the melons & mint.

– Add water, greens & leaves, spices, melon & ice to blender. Blend until smooth. Mine made 4.5 cups- enough to share if you want! Drink it all for your full breakfast meal (that’s what I do because I love it so much) or save some for later! Enjoy it!

Let me know if you added the cinnamon & ginger spices?

Happy Monday,

Paige xo.


5 thoughts on “Melon Goodness

  1. Quick question: I want to start making smoothies but my blender sucks. So what kind do you have? Like is it easy to clean and everything? Great blog by the way

    • Hi Katherine!
      Thanks, I’m still so new to wordpress & blogging… my page needs a lot of work but it’ll get there! As for smoothies… YES start marking them! You’ll love them! I’m addicted! For a blender I use a Blendtec; it is a higher-end model blender (best housewarming gift ever) and it blends anything & everything! As for cleaning, super easy- I put some water & a few drops of soap in and blend until clean! Before, I had a Blendtec, I just used a Magic Bullet. I loved my magic bullet it lasted me years and worked great!

      • Oh man! I heard about the Magic Bullet! I may have to get me one of those! But yes! Smoothies are the way to go! I agree. So good for you! Keep it up with your posts. I will be reading them!

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